• Before I started my own business, I was working in the oil industry in London and decided that the timing was right to use my experience to start up my own business in a similar field. With a firm knowledge base and plenty of customer interest I began a utilities (gas and electricity) brokerage and consultancy. Like any new business I needed to include a company website in my start up plans, which I initially thought would be used as a simple marketing tool. This was set up for me very easily and quickly by Media Chameleon, and in a short amount of time had been instrumental in my securing a very lucrative deal with National Children’s Home. This has occurred as a consequence of my brilliant positioning on Google, partly as a result of the sought after keywords the site uses. Media Chameleon delivered the perfect level of personal yet professional service, at a price which suited my new start up budgets; and I hope our relationship will continue to develop in the same vein as my business continues to expand.

    Edward Waistell PH Business Services
  • When this website was first set-up I was overjoyed to have a presence for my beloved steel band on the web. After a few months I realised I was only getting calls for my band via the web site for Birmingham so I contacted Media Chameleon and explained that my band went further afield. With a few minor changes I found that I was getting calls from Manchester and other places I had requested. I can’t imagine life without the website.

    John Richards Boil Up Tropical Steel Band
  • Within 3 weeks of the set up of my new web site (www.ablandscaping.co.uk) I found that I was already receiving calls from prospective customers who had found me online and liked what they had seen. The cost of set up was brilliant, everything has been explained in terms I understand and SEO costs have been minimal too, I’m told because my keywords are not too competitive. I have cut my spend with things like Yellow Pages as a result of the calls I now get straight from my website and county magazines which is even better. Thank you Media Chameleon for making it all simple and effective. www.ablandscaping.co.uk

    Andrew AB Landscaping
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