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Web Design Services

Much of the information that you will need to supply Media Chameleon Web design Services with which to design your website will probably already be available, such as brochures, flyers and even your business card.

With Content Management System built websites (CMS), there are 4 main areas that need to be considered when building or changin your website:

1.) Website layout

This is simply how the screen will look in terms of text and button colours, positioning of images and placement of buttons for site navigation. This creates the branding areas that you require.

2.) Textual content

This is the text which you will provide describing your services and giving all the information you require.

3.) Graphic Design

We can provide a variety of graphic design options to enhance your website, from rotating gifs, flash design, and branding area banners to the design of company logos.

4.) Image sourcing

Whilst you may have photos and images that you want to use, often it is the case that we need to source other images or photos from stock art web sites.

  • Design colours, layout and button positioning based on your corporate image and your specific preferences
  • Create internal pages under separate subject matters
  • Change or edit your textual content so that it is SEO friendly or indeed in some instances assist you with any copy writing requirements you have
  • Design, create and position images or branding web banners on your website
  • Create flash files and rotating gifs to enhance the appearance of your website
  • Create logos. We will create 3 to 9 proofs for you to choose from
  • Find and source various images, photography or other stock art to use on your website
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