Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

SEO, which is the term coined to describe Search Engine Optimization, is the process of assisting the search engines including Google; Yahoo, MSN and Bing, to bring the keywords of your business to the first pages of their websites when the relevant search terms for your website are used in a search.

This optimisation is achieved in a variety of ways. The 5 building blocks of SEO are :

1.) Keyword analysis
2.) Website structure and navigation
3.) Website content
4.) Backlinks – from relevant websites
5.) Backlinks – to forums / blogs

Making sure that all these elements are providing you with the best possible rankings on the search engines is clearly a long and complex process, requiring both time and attention as well as an understanding of how the search engines work and the best sites to link to.

What can we do for you?

Search Engine Optimisation and what we can do for you

Most SEO companies charge a monthly on-going fee for their services which can range from £35 to over £700. Media Chameleon Web design Services believe that while in some instances it is necessary to perform on-going, long term SEO for sought after keywords, it isn’t always a requirement. In the case of sought after terms for example ‘Business Gas’ or ‘Business Electricity’, this need for ongoing SEO is obvious. In other cases, simply ensuring steps 1 and 2 above are covered correctly can ensure good placement on the search engines without extensive and on-going SEO, for example ‘Harpenden Fencing’ and so on.

With this in mind, and in order to provide a service of comparable value to our design service, we operate 3 or 6 month campaigns rather than insisting on a monthly, on-going fee. At the beginning and end of each campaign we provide our customers with statistics relating to this positioning on the 3 major search engines so that the process is transparent and you can actually see where extra SEO is necessary.

The steps we can undertake on your behalf include :

1.) Keyword analysis
After you have provided us with the keywords that you would like to make your site appear on the first pages of the major search engines we will do an analysis to check how competitive those keywords are, and an analysis to provide information on any other keywords that you should be looking at optimizing based on the types of searches your audience are making.

When a new website with a new domain name first goes live, it is recommended that at least 3 keywords are optimized for maximum coverage in the search engine rankings.

2.) Website Structure and Navigation
Most search engines will take into account both the structure and navigation system of your website. They will examine relevant domain names, relevant keywords in the browser title bars across all pages of your website and navigation that makes it easy for the search engine to index (or find) all pages of your website. META descriptions and META keywords, which are a form of tag hidden from the user but accessed by the search engine are also critical to any SEO. We will ensure that we take these factors into account whilst building your initial website.

3.) Website Content
The content across your website is of paramount importance to how you are seen by the search engines. Additional content can be added to your website on an ongoing basis to both add value to your customers and also to ensure that Google and the search engines have more relevant keywords to index you by and then place you at the top of relevant searches. Keyword density is also vital to SEO. It is advisable that any keywords you are trying to get at the top of the search engines be written at least 5 times on a web page, although this does depend on how many other words there on the page. WCS will ensure that the correct keyword densities are in place to get you the best possible positions in the searches.

Further SEO steps:

4.) Backlinks – relevant directory websites
The search engines work, in very simple terms, something like a popularity contest, which make relevant links also crucial to successful SEO. Backlinks from relevant directory websites to your website for example to a wedding directory if you are a florist, add value to your rankings within the search engines, which means you are well advised to add links and advertising to online wedding (or other relevant) directories. We can submit and request these hyperlinks on your behalf and ensure you are paying to place them on the most effective sites.

5.) Backlinks – other relevant websites
Hyperlinks from relevant websites to your website. Again using the florist example, links from sites such as venues, caterers and bridal shops will again offer value to your website and give you better rankings with the search engines, and WCS can again help you to organise this.

6.) Backlinks – on relevant forums / blogs
Again there are benefits in joining forums and creating relevant blogs where you would ask and answer questions, but more importantly leave hyperlinks to your website.

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