Graphic Design

Graphic Design is one of the pivotal parts of our organisation, involved in every aspect of what we do. Between them, our in house designers have over 30 years of design experience and are expert in a number of specialised industry recognised software packages including Adobe Photoshop and In-Design to produce creative, razor sharp marketing for our clients.

All marketing requires brand identity to help you to define your organisational aims, role in the market and future business plans. A good logo should make your company instantly recognisable, and portray you as you wish to be perceived, creating a connection or dialogue with your client audience. They need to be clear, project well and work for your demographic. Classic and crisp will age well and offer adaptability later on should you wish to update in the future.

We will consult with you based in these ideals, and create several concepts in colour for you to work with, ensuring they identify your company ideals, in a format which can then be used not just to create your WordPress site, but in corporate stationery, emails, and much more. We will then use the chosen concept to base the design of your site around, ensuring the interface is intuitive and user friendly.

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